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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Trip to the Cherry Farm

      My sister-in-law and I went to a farm in our town recently and picked cherries. Last year I went with a friend and forgot to take my camera, so this year I made sure I had it. We actually ended up picking more berries than cherries, but we went there with the intention of picking cherries.
It was a hot day, but berries like it hot, more than people do. I felt like I was melting!

This was the front of the farm house...lovely!

The orchard and vines are framed by pine trees growing around the perimeter.

      We were a little early in the season as you can see the berries weren't completely ripe. but we found enough to fill our buckets.

The cherries were red and delicious!

      I was being "cheap" and picked my cherries without the stems, just to find out when I paid for them that the stems help them last longer. This didn't end up being a problem since my boys picked the bowl clean in a matter of a couple hours. So all I can tell you is that cherries without stems last at least a couple of hours!

      This is the back of the house. I wish I could have taken a picture of the porch to the right. It had a round table with a huge bouquet of red roses...a perfect spot for afternoon tea! But sadly, we were not invited.

      This pond is full of koi fish and I think it would be a lovely place to sit on the swing and read a good book.

As soon as I got home from the farm, I washed the berries.

There were so many varieties of berries to choose from, I just threw them all in together as I picked them. My favorite were the raspberries.

I found a recipe for berry cobbler  on and thought I would try it.

Oh my, was it delicious!

      I like nothing more than eating fresh foods I pick myself...except eating them with family and friends. 

      Thank you for stopping by and visiting for awhile. I hope you're finding time to enjoy the special things that come with cherries & berries, or sitting in the shade of a tree reading a book, splashing in a lake or digging in the garden. We are so blessed to have this season of sunshine.

Life is good,


  1. Oh I LOVE cherries. They are a bit late here in Oregon and had some late frost damage,but I'l take them any time I can get them. I always think of cherries and the 4th of July together!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, Charlotte. Dropping by from "Home and Garden Thursday" at a Delightsome Life. What a lovely place to go pick berries and the cobbler is making my mouth water. We have friends in Michigan that we visit over July 4th and they have lots of cherry orchards where we usually buy fresh sweet cherries, but my friends have informed me that due to the spring frosts there won't be any cherries this year...:( I will miss them immensely!!

    Ann @
    “Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace” Spanish Proverb


  4. Hi Charlotte,

    Those berries and cherries look delicious.

    What a lovely visit you had.

    The cobbler would be lovely with a big dollop of fresh cream!

    hmmmm hungry now!

    Have a lovely weekend


  5. That's a modern looking farmhouse, I love it.
    Your cobbler does look tasty. I've been picking strawberries and have made strawberry shortcake a couple of times - yummy!


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