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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Carmel By The Sea...My Husband & Me

Another year! We always find ourselves on the coast at this time of year celebrating our anniversary. This year is number 28! I planned to blog when my husband took his naps...sneaky I know, but that way I wouldn't be taking any time away from him and I could spend a little with you!

The first two days of our trip were in Carmel By the Sea. The weather was perfect! We walked on the path overlooking the beach.

And strolled through a tea shop filled with teacups and tea accessories in the village.

Next door to the tea shop was an adorable cottage candy store...

A fellow blogger told me about this little tea house The Tuck Box, so I drug my husband that direction, and even though we had a HUGE breakfast, I asked him (nicely) if he would please have tea and scones with me. He is not in any way a teacup sorta guy (nor are any of my five boys), but since it was our anniversary, he agreed.

The scones were very different in taste and texture from any scone I've ever eaten. They were delicious with the blackberry preserves
(not shown).

There are paintings of the Tuck Box in many of the art galleries and this one was hanging on the brick fireplace next to our table.

It's one of Carmel's famous cottages. It reminded me of a house you would expect to see in a fairy tale. I wish I had more pictures to show you, it was so cute!

The town was filled with art and artist...

Window boxes overflowing with flowers...

Funny little doors...

And lovely shops like this one featuring Jane Austen books and related things...

We left Carmel and headed to Monterey, but I'll save that for another day. Thanks for visiting with me and sharing our special trip.


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  1. Quaint little shops you've visited, happy anniversary. My husband is the same and doesn't want to go in a tea room but will oblige me on special occasions.
    Hope you picked up a little something as a momento from your trip.

  2. Oh my goodness, it looks like you stepped into a fairy tale. What a charming place. I want to go!!! I love the name of The Tuck Box. Absolutely adorable.
    Happy Anniversary. We just celebrated our 35th in New York City last week. 35 good years, we say.
    Please come and visit Lady b and me at:

  3. Sweet little tea shop. I've only been in two and would love to visit more. "Happy Anniversary". Deb

  4. Looks like a wonderful place Charlotte
    glad that you enjoyed your trip away.

    Happy wedding anniversary and wishing you both
    many more wonderful years together.

    Have a good week


  5. We had our honeymoon in Carmel in 1974, and visitied every year for our anniversary until we moves from the area. The Tuck Box was a daily thing...we are tea addicts & Brits so am thrilled to see your post! Happy anniversary and thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. Wonderful tour you gave us with your pictures. So many interesting little shops and houses. Scones in the picture looks quite different from those I am used to. Nice to see something new. I wish you a great week! Zinnia

  7. I have never been there but enjoyed my visit made possible by you - very darling!

  8. Oh, what a fun place to visit! Everything looks so beautiful. And happy anniversary!

  9. Hi: What a wonderful day you had! Love the tea places. I just want to thank you for your comment about being in the garden. I think you are right. Our souls must desire to go back to the Garden and walk with God. That statement blessed by day. Thank you. Sending hugs your way, Martha

  10. Love, love this post! We do the same thing..try to get to Carmel every year around Valentine's day which is the anniversary of when we met! Is there a more beautiful place in the world? I don't think so! Love the Tea Rose, Tuck Box and all the flowers! make me want to go back now! It's like a fairytale town with the sweet little cottages and architecture! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! Enjoyed your post so much!
    Miss Bloomers

  11. Such a pretty area and such a fun place to browse and spend some time together. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Hello Charlotte,
    Happy Anniversary! Carmel is such a romantic place to celebrate! Your seaside images are so gorgeous, how lovely to stroll along there with your sweetie!
    The tea house is amazing. I saw it once years ago when visiting there. But I had a young family and no one was interested in going in. I will some day visit again and get to try those scones! They look delicious even if they are not traditional. I can't wait to see your Monterey post. I loved it there too!

  13. Good afternoon Charlotte,
    Happy Anniversary! Carmel is such a romantic place for a get-away. My aunt and uncle went there to get married. The tea room looks like something out of a fairy tale as does the whole area. How charming! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and memories with us. Have a delightful day.


  14. Happy Anniversary...sounds like a lovely trip. We've visited many times and always enjoy the area. Solvang is nice too, and there is the sweet Clairmont Lavendar Farm in Los Olivos if you drive south before heading home. :)

  15. I live in Carmel and am happy you were able to visit. The Tuck box has been here since the early 1930's. It was built by the builder to house his wife's doll collection. My Mom and her family had been here since the 1920's so my family history is rooted in Carmel. The scones at the Tuck Box are not authentic, nor is it authentic any longer. It used to have a authentic tea. The window seat in the front is where my family always sits and has been our seat in the Tuck Box for generations. The sweet shop was one of my Moms favorite places, I am quite familiar with the thrill of this little shop. You are lucky you had a husband who was willing to do a day in Carmel, most are not. We live on Scenic Drive just down from the village within walking distance. I am glad you were able to visit. I hope you enjoy Monterey as it is amazing in its depth of beauty and history. This part of the California coast has unpoarralled beauty. We do love it here. Now I am off to walk to Carmel for breakfast.

    1. Hi Lexie,
      I want to thank you for telling me about the Tuck Box and Edison & Melrose in your previous comment a few posts ago, though we didn't make it to the second place, perhaps next time. We had such a wonderful time visiting Carmel. I hope you see its beauty fresh and new each day, and that it never becomes ordinary...what an amazing place to live! I'll try not to envy you:)

  16. How charming. What a delightful outing and that teashop looks so inviting. I'm glad you had a lovely afternoon tea with your husband. Thanks for sharing.

  17. PS I am your latest follower. I hope you can visit my blog and maybe follow me back. Thankyou from cold wintery Australia.


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