"Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come." Song of Songs

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Red, white, and blue...berry!

In honor of July 4th I am featuring red, white, and blue things around my house.

This cup and saucer has "*Liberty Blue* Historic Colonial Scenes, Old North Church, Made in England" stamped on the bottom.

Here are some red flowers in bloom inside & outside.

Red seems to be one of my favorite colors outside at this time.

I must work on getting or making a patriotic wreath for my door!

This blueberry biscuit recipe was featured in a magazine recently and I thought it would be a good treat to have with tea today.

I like the way the blueberries oozed out all over. They were the biggest blueberries I've seen. I got them at Boa Vista Farm up the road.

The weather is nice so I'll sit outside.

While we sit here sharing tea, I'd like to share something from my heart.

      I just found out yesterday that one of my sons will be deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 with the National Guard's 115th RSG. This is a sober reminder to me that our freedom is not free...there is a high cost, and some pay the cost of freedom for us with their lives....from the first 4th of July until the present day. Let's cherish our freedom and not take it for granted, and hold the men and women who fight for us in our prayers until each one is safely back home.

In God we trust,

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