"Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come." Song of Songs

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June bugs, and rolled out rugs...

Getting things cleaned up outside...

rolling out rugs and umbrellas,

to enjoy the sunshine and flowers...

and to listen to the buzz of the bees on the butterfly bush...

and smell the sweet fragrance in the air...

 remembering that the secret to happiness is a thankful heart

so I thank the creator today for beautiful flowers

and blackberry scones...

His mercies are everlasting...


  1. You have a lovely deck and all you're flowers look wonderful! I especially love the pretty. :)

  2. My mind is so full of the visuals of your lovely flowers, and then suddenly there was a piece of pie, so i smiled and i felt hungry, hahaha!...Andrea

  3. I love the combination of bright yellow and pink on your snapdragons. I wish I could grow butterfly bush where I live but it's too cold. But I can enjoy the picture with you. Your scones look yummy out. I tend to sometimes hack into some dark chocolate. June is a wonderful time. I am filled with gratitude to all the good that God gives. I ├Ânskatr you a nice weekend! Zinnia

  4. Very pretty. Love the umbrellas for a shady spot.

  5. Yum--blackberry scones! And those bright red umbrellas are so charming--love it.

  6. What lovely flowers you have and those scones look so delicious! A perfect place to take a break under the umbrellas! Happy weekend to you!

  7. The hydrangeas and snapdragons are so pretty. The scones look awesome!

  8. thank you for sharing this post over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party! all you flowers are so pretty, but those snapdragons are one of my favorites to see in the cottage landscape! xoox, tracie


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