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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tea house with friends...

Tea Anytime

The picture isn't great, but who would have guessed ten years ago that one day we would be able to take a picture on a phone?

This little tea shop was adorable! It was decorated in the most interesting way. Everywhere I looked I saw teacups and teapots, lovely Victorian lamps, and flower printed fabric. As nice as the place was, the best part was being there with friends. The food was delicious and we had a wonderful time.

If you visit the Sacramento area, you won't want to miss this little
tea house in Carmichael.



  1. Thank you for the information. If you visit Monterey California please go to Edison & Melrose, a authentic tea room owned by a lovely women named Karen from Wales. It is so popular you have to have reservations as seating is limited. All of her china is Staffordshire(her own) and the food is amazing and authentic. She serves a authentic English high tea that will delight you. Also Carmel By The Sea California has a lovely tea room named 'The Tuck Box" it has been there since the 1930's and is a authentic Hugh Comstock building. The food has changed over the years but is passable. The tea is their own blend and is worth the trip for the experience. its easy to find on Dolores strees off of the main street in the village of Ocean. My family has lived in Carmel since the 1930's so we have a long history with high tea at the Tucki Box!. They have a website. The seating is limited and popularity lends toward being a line forming when they open, so go early. Have fun.

    1. Lexie,
      you must have been reading my mind...I am going to Monterey and Carmel next week with my husband for our anniversary! Thank you so much for the information about the tea rooms.

  2. There's just nothing like tea with friends! How nice.

  3. I love tea rooms! Thanks for introducing me to this one. Tea with friends is the best! Happy tea Day!

  4. Good morning Charlotte,
    The tea room sounds lovely and sharing the outing with friends makes it extra special. And who would have thought one could take a picture with their phone, eh? We've come a long way! Thank you for joining me for tea and have a delightful day.


  5. Sharing tea with their friends is a blessing. To do it in a nice tea house makes the moment more valuable. I wish you a wonderful week! Zinnia


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