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Friday, April 27, 2012

Back, yet not...

Lilacs and Irises ~ a birthday gift from a friend

I'm not really back yet, and I'm not really gone...let me explain. I've been struggling with whether I should be blogging at this time in my life. Living on a small farm keeps me pretty busy. On top of that, a few months ago I started watching two of my grandchildren (2 & 4 yrs. old) four days a week, and the combination of both these things has overwhelmed me a bit. At first I thought I could be "Super Grandma" and that lasted about a month...until I realized I really didn't have any super powers of my own. It took a while to figure this out, but when my house started looking like it did when my five boys where home, and the grape vines where weeks overdue for pruning, and I forgot to get the pony's hooves trimmed until she looked like she was wearing elf shoes, then it hit me! I started thinking maybe I should use my "spare" time to do these things instead of blogging!

But...I love to blog. I love visiting my blog friends. How could I not have tea with them each week? I would miss all the parties! So I tucked my laptop into its case, and these questions with it. I left them there to be pondered for a while. My teacups are as anxious for an answer as I am.
While I wait, I will pray...and hope to be back with you again, at least once in a while:)


  1. Hello Charlotte...I can identify, totally, with your thoughts about lack of time, blogging, and doing the necessities of life. For me, and I can speak only for myself, blogging is my daily spurt of blesses me when I read comments from Followers and I find great joy in reading other blogs. I cannot spend huge amounts of time but each moment I do spent is golden. It's good to do things that make us happy. Take care. Susan

  2. I undestand your concern. Of course you are upset and your life is falling apart, you are being forced into a babysitting arrangement that is very easy for your kids and not suitable for you at this time in your life. You should be doing what you enjoy every day, not acting as a stand in day care. You are entitled at this time in life to do what makes you happy. Its a shame your children as expecting you to be a babysitter instead of a Grandma. Many children are taking advantage of their parents in this way. I put my foot down and told them to make other arrangements. I worked for 35 years, raised a family and I deserve my time. Now this time in your life will not last where you are well enough to do what you love, you deserve not to be acting as a daycare for pleasing other people . . Perhaps they will understand that one day a week is enough, 4 is much to much and very unfair to you/I would cut them back to one day a week, believe me they can and will make other arrangements! You deserve to enjoy your life. The other factor is that at this time in life, we are just not up to small children in our homes on a regular basis. That is the truth of it. So enjoy your blog, its lovely and we love it. Do not let your selfish children take that joy away from you.

  3. Oh dear...perhaps I should not have been thinking out loud. I didn't intend on complaining, just wanted to let you all know that my life is busy right now, and that I'm missing you and your weekly tea parties. I assure you, no one is taking advantage of me, there are some circumstances in my son's life that are beyond his control and I'm happy to pour my time and love into these two precious little ones. Parties can wait, children cannot...they grow up too fast!

  4. Hi Charlotte...blogging takes a lot of time, but it is a JOY. Your blog is beautiful. I hope you can find time to do a bit when it feels right. Your are blessed to have grandchildren.

  5. Hi Charlotte, I love your blog and I hope you will continue, if it brings you happiness. Perhaps just spend a little less time on it during this busy season of your life, rather than giving it up altogether. You are a Christian woman...lay this question on the Lord.
    xo Beth


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