"Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come." Song of Songs

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Creamer

      I wrote this poem after an unexpected trip (rabbit trail) to an antique store in the hope of finding a creamer that would look OK with the red rimmed sugar bowl I got at a flea market. I had one in my hand that I thought would red rim...didn't match, but that was alright since I mix and match things all the time. But no...that wasn't my Heavenly Father's plan that once again, He revealed His love to me.

by Charlotte Foster

Just a little creamer,
May not seem much to you.
To me it represents a love,
That’s always fresh and new.

It comes to me in many ways,
Some simple and some not.
At times it’s unexpected,
And other times it’s sought.

Little trinkets of Himself,
To find when unaware.
Confirming in my heart again,
That He is always there.

He follows me to silly places-
My favorite antique store.
 Reveals He knows my every thought,
And that He’s gone before. 

For on my knees down on the floor,
And moving things aside.
I got a glimpse of something,
That someone seemed to hide.

Around in back, behind a vase,
No, it just couldn’t be!
The red rim of a creamer,
My Father hid for me.

All alone it sat there,
No more useful role.
I didn’t mind because you see,
I own the sugar bowl!

Only He would know that,
And only He would care.
Only He could know that day,
That I’d be shopping there!

But as it is written:
 “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man,
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
(1 Corinthians 2:9)

      If He is so loving and good to us here, how much more can He possibly be preparing for eternity? I cannot even imagine! His love is displayed in everything around us; the beauty of His creation in the changing seasons, the song of a bird outside our windows, the opening of a flower as it reaches its head toward the sun...and yes, even a creamer!

I pray you will take notice today of His love for you, in whatever way He reveals it.

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  1. Dear Charlotte,
    I enjoyed your little poem and I love your creamer! You see, I have the same creamer which matches all my red rimmed pieces. I found mine for five dollars at the 70 Mile Yard Sale here on the Island last Autumn. So pleased to find it, and I am very much aware that the Father made sure I found it.
    Thank you for sharing a lovely post for Tea Time. Happy New Year, my friend.


  2. Very nice creamer and a lovely poem.

  3. Beautiful! Yes, He does love us. That creamer is gorgeous! Your blog is pretty. I've not been here to visit before and I'm pleased to make your acquaintence.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. Charlotte,your poem and post is so beautiful,you have made my day. xx jeanetteann

  5. What a wonderful poem! I LOVE it! I am honored you linked to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. Hi Charlotte,
    the red rimmed creamer is beautiful. No wonder why you made such a sweet poem for it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great New Year.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  7. This is my first visit to your blog and I love it! I also am a teacup lover!

  8. Hello Charlotte, This is fantastic! I love how we can see and recognize the love and care our Heavenly Father has toward us - in the simple and small things as well as the great! This is so beautifully done! Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness!
    God Bless!

  9. Such a lovely poem. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hello Charlotte,
    What a beautiful poem you wrote! I feel the same way as you do when it comes to Gods blessings. Such a darling creamer and a match to your sugar bowl. God is good!
    Happy New Year to you!
    Nancy @ Two Cottages And Tea

  11. The creamer is sweet, but your poem is amazing! Well done! Now you have just the right creamer! Yay!

  12. A lovely poem, thank you for sharing. The creamer is beautiful. I couldn't help but think of the piece of sea glass that I found while walking the shores of the Island up West somewhere and it was red and clear with a little hobnob.

  13. Wow! you have a great way with words and a lovely blog! I love to catch glimpses of our Heavenly Father in the everyday moments! I am visiting (and now following) from the Country Homemaker Hop!
    Nice to "meet" you :)

  14. Oh I love the "little trinkets of Himself." I love finding His trinkets as I go about my day. I love that God cares even about our red rimmed creamers.

  15. Dear Charlotte,

    What a lovely poem!

    Thank you so very much for so generously and kindly gracing our blogs with your various lovely Tuesday tea party links. Thanks also for visiting our blogs time and time again and leaving sweet words of comment and encouragement with your participation for our Tuesday Tea's for our, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday', as well as for my, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', weekly blog tea party.

    Pam and I are going to very much miss you as we leave blog land for quite a long while. This is due to very important personal reasons that were unforseen; (even two weeks ago).

    Dear Pam and I had a long and friendly conversation just two days ago. Upon my informing Pam that I needed to 'bow out gracefully', from blogland for the forseeable future, she requested that I also send this message of deepest gratitude and regret on her behalf also. As I bid you a fond farewell and as we both leave you and other very lovely fellow bloggers for the time being dear lady.

    Hugs and blessings from Wanda Lee, (and Pam; Pam is from her own, 'Breath Of Fresh Air', blog.)


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